For developers

“A good realtor will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear“

Our realtors have more than 10 years of local and international experience, in real estate industry and have a deep understanding of the forever changing market.

Unlike a traditional estate agency, Realist will support you through the entire process. We are the first on the market ONE-STOP SHOP - for all your real estate questions and needs. Realist team consists of – Real Estate Expert, Financial Broker, Legal Expert, Fiscal Expert, Evaluation Expert, Insurance Expert, Asset Management Expert and Marketing Experts.

Base your strategic and investment decisions on the market research and experience of our Development Expert.

Types of collaboration


Exclusive sales partner

Realist organizes the full sales management “on a turn-key basis“ which include the total outsource and organization of the commercial department (marketing, sales, finance, legal etc.) till the registration of new ownership (in case of sales) and till the property management (in case of rent).


Co-exclusive sales partner

The transaction is organized by 2 agencies. Healthy competition is the basis of a modern thriving economy.


Sales Partner

The transaction is organized in parallel with other agencies or developer sales points.

We also

  • Accredit your object to the most important partner banks. Our broker approves the mortgage for the buyer in several banks at the same time.

  • Marketing evaluation of the developer and issue recommendations for its improvement and efficiency. We offer our own marketplaces for each category of real estate.

  • The legal department and the fiscal consultant can provide the necessary assistance and consultancy in case of more complex situations for finding legal solutions.

  • Offer real estate consultancy, which is so necessary in the decision-making process of the developer!


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