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We celebrate 4 years of activity in Republic of Moldova and 1 year in the real estate market in Romania


       With pride and satisfaction, Realist Estate Agency celebrates four years of activity with coverage throughout the Republic of Moldova, headquartered in Chișinău, and the first year of presence in the real estate market in Romania. We are recognized as the first ONE-STOP SHOP Real Estate Agency in the Republic of Moldova. We provide comprehensive assistance and consultancy services in real estate and finance for the sale, purchase, or lease of real estate, including houses, apartments, offices, commercial/industrial spaces, or land. We also offer property management services.

       Aware of the importance of protecting private property, we provide free insurance services for owners who rent apartments or houses through us, being the first agency in the Republic of Moldova to offer this service for free.

       Our team of real estate experts from the Republic of Moldova and Romania accompanies you throughout the transaction, covering aspects such as evaluation, expertise, presentation, promotion, obtaining mortgage loans, and business financing through our trusted partner, One Finance. We prepare documents for the transaction at the notary and handle registration with the cadastre and tax authorities.

       Our sales and rental experts have extensive knowledge of the real estate market in both countries. These specialists are dedicated to providing the highest quality services, ensuring that our clients benefit from a smooth and efficient real estate experience.

       In the residential segment, our team focuses on identifying and promoting the most suitable properties for the needs and preferences of our clients, whether they are elegant apartments or comfortable houses.

       Regarding the non-residential segment, our experts specialize in transactions involving commercial/industrial spaces, businesses in all their complexity with economic and financial analysis, construction and agricultural land. With a strategic approach and solid market knowledge, we assure our clients that they will get the best deals and navigate successfully through the complexity of real estate transactions.

       We stay abreast of the latest trends and changes in the industry and continuously develop through participation in training and seminars to constantly improve our skills and knowledge. This commitment to professional development ensures that we are always ahead and can provide top-notch services to Realist's clients.

       In the four years of activity, we have focused not only on building a strong business but also on establishing authentic and lasting relationships with our partners and clients. We have been dedicated to providing services to the highest standards, and our joy has been reinforced by the positive feedback received from clients. Each transaction and collaboration are characterized by fairness and responsibility, contributing to the consolidation of a good reputation in the industry.



       We have valuable experience, participating in prestigious events such as Expo Real 2023, the largest real estate exhibition in Europe, the DAS INTERIOR & IMOBIL EXPO 2023 exhibition, and the NOTORIUM TRADEMARK AWARDS 2023 competition, where we received the first prize for the most recognized brand in the Real Estate Agencies category.



       Strategic partnerships have been the key to our success, and we are excited to announce new collaborations in the real estate market in Romania. In Bucharest, we are collaborating with First Estates Pipera, Hils Brauner, and Greenfield Residence. In Brasov, we are expanding our collaborations to include Coresi Avantgarden, Coder Residence, Maurer Villas, and Avantgarden3. On the seaside, we are proud to add Boreal Plus in Constanta to our portfolio, and in Galati - Morilor Residence.

       These partnerships not only strengthen our position in the market but also reflect our commitment to providing diversity and quality in our real estate portfolio. Whether you are looking for luxury housing, a comfortable home, or a seaside retreat in Romania, Realist Estate Agency is the safe and trusted choice.

       Our anniversary marks not only the passage of time but also our ongoing commitment to providing safe and transparent real estate services. In a world of constant change, Realist Estate Agency remains anchored in its core values and forward-looking, confident that the best partnerships and successes are still ahead of us. Thank you for your trust and for allowing us to be part of your journey in the dynamic world of real estate.

       We remain dedicated to making significant contributions to the real estate industry, always staying informed about the latest developments and innovations in this field.

       Our team of passionate and dedicated professionals is ready to provide you with the support and expertise needed at any stage of the real estate process.



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